27 November 2014

Counterfeiting is everywhere.
Every day we come into contact with counterfeit products. In the world of fashion, technology, music and cinema, luxury goods.
And even spirits.


Il 7-9% Of goods produced worldwide are counterfeit*
705 billion dollars the estimated value of counterfeit goods sold all over the world **


More than 270,000 jobs have been lost during the past 10 years due to counterfeiting*


125.000 jobs lost in the European Community*


For any manufactured good, a percentage is counterfeit


*source INDICAM / **source WCO




Spirits Counterfeiting

The consequences of spirits counterfeiting are among the most serious.
Apart from the economic damage, it causes serious damage to health and the death of tens of thousands of people every year.

1 billion dollars  The value of counterfeit alcohol production in the world

12% The percentage of counterfeit or illicit spirits in the global market

43.000 People who die each year in Russia after drinking counterfeit or illicit spirits (in 2008, 1,069 died in the city of Moscow alone)

250% The growth of counterfeit food and drink around the world from 2003 to 2005

N. 1 Because of their brand value and the high level of taxation of alcohol, alcoholic drinks are the most counterfeited beverages





Affecting every country in the world, counterfeiting is a huge illegal phenomenon and much of it is managed by criminal organisations



Southeast Asia
50% of total goods production is counterfeit
Largest producing countries:
China, Korea, Taiwan
Countries of destination:
60% European Union
Mediterranean Basin 
35% Of total goods production is counterfeit
Largest producing countries:
Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco
Countries of destination:
European Union, USA, Africa, Eastern Europe