Diageo says counterfeits hit Taiwan scotch sales

08 February 2018

Diageo has said the performance of its scotch whisky business in Asia was impacted in the first half of the fiscal year by counterfeiting in Taiwan.     Read the article 

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The wine detective battling counterfeiters

31 March 2017

Philip Moulin intently studies the label on a bottle of expensive wine with a magnifying glass. He then shines a blue ultraviolet light at the bottle, before picking it up and weighing it in his hands.”Counterfeit bottles can often be much lighter,” he says. While Mr Moulin’s official job tile is “fine wine and authentication […]

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60 people died from poisoned alcohol in Siberia

21 December 2016

The governor of Russia’s Siberian region of Irkutsk declared a state of emergency as the death toll rose to 60 after more than 100 people drank bath lotion.     Read the article

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Mass casualties in Ukraine from counterfeit alcohol

30 September 2016

In the Kharkiv region (Ukraine)  was 56 cases of poisoning alcohol substitutes       Read the article

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21 persons died consuming spurious liquor

18 July 2016

A new case of anti – counterfeiting affects India. Read the article

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15 June 2016

  On 28-29 May took place in Reppongi Hills, one of the main squares in Tokyo, “Italia, Amore mio!” Guala Closures Group decided to take part in this event, by exposing the safety closures for spirits, in particular exhibiting his project for the most traditional alcoholic beverage in Japan, Sake. The aim is as always, […]

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Italian police find 9,000 bottles of fake Moët champagne in Padova

04 February 2016

Counterfeit bubbly would have been worth €350,000 had it reached the market

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Illegal alcohol kills 15 in Russia

27 November 2015

Counterfeit alcohol has killed 15 people in the last two weeks, according to authorities in Russia

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Death toll rises to 28 from bootleg alcohol in Istanbul

06 November 2015

The death toll from bootleg alcohol in Istanbul has risen to 28 after forensic examinations have revealed another five deaths caused by alcohol poisoning, Doğan News Agency has reported.

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Bathtub booze and knock-off whisky: inside China’s fake alcohol industry

29 September 2015

Drinkers are unwittingly knocking back fake alcohol brewed in bathtubs, which could lead to potentially serious health issues

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