£30,000 worth of fake alcohol seized at Notting Hill Carnival

29 September 2015

Fake alcohol found at Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street festival.

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Huge fake vodka factory raided

06 August 2015

An illegal alcohol factory containing 130,000 litres of “potentially toxic” fake vodka has been raided by UK police.

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Viagra found in chinese alcohol

04 August 2015

Police are investigating two distillers in Guanxi over allegations that they added Viagra to bottles of Baijiu.

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India toxic alcohol kills 84 in Mumbai

20 June 2015

At least 84 people have been killed after consuming toxic alcohol in India’s western city of Mumbai (Bombay).

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Save the spirits: the fight against alcohol counterfeiting

10 June 2015

The video about the phenomenon of alcohol counterfeiting, is avalaible on the Guala Closures’s Youtube channel.

In a few minutes the Group wants to explain to the consumers how dangerous could be the consumption counterfeited alcohol.


Police bust counterfeit alcohol factory in Indonesia

29 May 2015

Police arrested two men and are investigating whether others are involved in the operations, and seized 10,000 bottles of counterfeit alcohol during a raid at home factory in Bogor, Indonesia

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The new chinese frontier of counterfeiting

13 May 2015

Counterfeit production is a thriving industry in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The imitator’s profit comes from a big variety of different products.

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